Y00ts Raised $15 Million From The Mint

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What Is Y00ts?

Y00ts are a Solana NFT from the DeGods universe, some call it the ‘MAYC of Solana’. They minted today (5th September) and only those who had been “y00tlisted’ were able to mint one after having to apply through the website and going through a manual review process. Y00ts were minted at 375 $DUST each which was about $1000 at the time of mint and are now selling for 4x that on the secondary market.

The team made about $15,000,000 from the mint alone and then even more from secondary sales through royalties.

What Can You Do With Y00ts?

The first way the team plans to implement the new license is with “the y00ts st0re,” a marketplace for custom y00ts’ traits that can be applied to y00ts NFTs. To submit a trait it must first meet the approval criteria that follows:

  • Must fit the same space as the original trait (can not turn a t-shirt into a fur coat)
  • Must be identifiable by the original metadata tag (a hat can’t become a crown)
  • No hate speech or pornographic imagery
  • No direct usage of existing copyrighted IP
  • Meet a standard of quality to match the collection

Owners will be able to purchase these items for their Y00ts and can revert their Y00t to its original look whenever they like.

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