Will Facebook’s talk about metaverse backfire?

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Mark Zuckerberg announced recently that he wants Facebook to become a metaverse company. But there’s a perplexity with that: This “metaverse,” as Facebook explains it, doesn’t really exist yet, and seemingly won’t for years. As with unanticipated talk from past augmented reality and virtual reality companies, talking about such a faraway technology too early may hinder Facebook’s long-term effort to bring the metaverse to the mainstream.

In some ways, this development seems like a natural objection for a social media giant to tackle, particularly one that happens to own a significant VR product (Oculus) through which people can experience digital spaces. Facebook began talking specifically about meetings in shared digital areas at its F8 developer conference in May 2018.  Then Facebook started teasing its future augmented reality glasses, another essential portal into digital spaces. This summer, Zuckerberg seemed to widen the company’s vision when he began referring to the “metaverse,” a kind of alternate digital reality that would connect all the various proprietary digital spaces.

This article is inspired by an article written by the news media: FastCompany

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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