What is a metaverse, and what are its advantages and disadvantages?

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Originally dubbed “Facebook Meta,” the renamed firm said in October 2021 that it intended to create the “metaverse,” a virtual world in which users may communicate with one another and even engage in games. It had previously been reported that Meta was employing 10,000 developers to build the Metaverse’s tools.

People all throughout the world were curious as to what a “Metaverse” was after hearing the news. In sum, it is an extension of our world, complete with concert venues, museums, and even robot training grounds. In reality, the only limit to what you may create is your own imagination.

How was the Metaverse created? For this, the company turned to NVIDIA and their Omniverse, which transformed the internet from a source of 2D data to 3D data. The Omniverse is meant to serve as a bridge between the virtual worlds that exist now.

What is the relationship between the Metaverse and the Omniverse? Is it possible to exist without the other? To what companies are these new universes now being applied? When can we anticipate these functionalities to become more widely available? All of these concerns and more are addressed in this video.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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