We had a conversation with the NFT project Daamdoozle club to see what came of it

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With the goal of developing a news site that truly had its finger on the pulse of what was going on in the metaverse and was close to the many artists, we created Metaverse News in 2020. That is why we speak with numerous young artists on a daily basis to find out what inspires them.

Describe yourself and this NFT project in greater detail for others who are unfamiliar with you

Our plan regarding the daamdoozle project ist to create a community/ club which, in the future, should become a social media platform similar to Facebook but with the main focus on NFT’s.

Can you tell me a little about your artistic background and where you get your inspiration?

Our inspiration originates from the animated series “Rick and Morty” and throughout the time we combined our first idea with further styles like: doodles, cool cats nft’s and so on.


Could you please tell us how and when you first became aware of NFTs?

We discovered the NFT’s about six months ago and since we first saw it, we knew we want to be a part of it. Since than we started looking for a good platform and an idea that we would all like and in the end we came out with Daamdoozle.

The “daamdoozle-project” team consists of a group of people with different talents and specializations. For me, since I was a little guy I got fascinated with drawing. It shortly became a passion for me and nowadays I can finally put all the hard work and invested hours into a very cool project.

What advantages do non-traditional technologies (NFTs) provide you as an artist?

In our opinion, the advantage of NFT’s is the ability to create community’s with like-minded people which in the end would be connected like a network and could help each other.

What are the current projects that you are working on? Could you tell us a little more about them?

Our team is currently working on two different projects. The first one is Daamdoozle and the other one is a more vast project with the main focus on cryptogaming. Although we love bought our projects we can only talk about the first one . The second has a long way to go but we are motivated and we hope that we will soon say more about it.

We would want to express our gratitude to the project for their time!

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