WayRay’s AR Car Display Could Revolutionize Driving

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WayRay’s AR Car Display Could Revolutionize Driving

WayRay published a video showing their True AR HUD in operation on actual roads, indicating a new era in AR guidance and safety.

In the 4.5-minute movie, WayRay’s Deep Reality Display® technology projects vehicle speed, turn-by-turn directions, and the time to destination straight onto the driver’s windshield in real-time.

Blue electric lines guide drivers without distracting them from the road. The system recognizes and monitors pedestrians and suggests nearby businesses and services.

WayRay’s True AR HUD enables ADAS, navigation, and “infotainment” capabilities. The business says these capabilities operate together without disturbing the driver, a major problem with in-car AR displays.

WayRay is one of the first businesses to show its AR technology working on a real road in real-world settings. The startup introduced the Holograktor, an all-electric ride-hailing car with AR features, last year.

Immersive technology might transform the car business. WayRay wants to provide travelers engaging material in addition to AR guidance. As the industry moves toward driverless vehicles, WayRay’s “infotainment” might become a major business.

Holoride has revealed intentions to extend its in-car VR entertainment system to Audi automobiles, a huge step forward for the industry. Passengers using HTC’s Vive Flow VR glasses may experience “elastic content” that adjusts to vehicle movement and speed.

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