Valve blocks, Epic welcomes

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Valve has banned blockchain-based games, where players can earn and trade NFTs and cryptocurrencies, from the Steam platform. But competitor Epic welcomes ‘innovation in technology and finance’.

American Valve has chosen to ban games that deal with NFTs and cryptocurrencies from the Steam platform. And as a consequence, developer Spacepirate has been asked to remove the game Age of Rust, where players can earn NFTs, or non-fungible tokens of monetary value, by solving puzzles.

It writes The Verge.

On the contrary, the competitor Epic Games is open to having blockchain-based games, where players can earn tokens of monetary value on their platform. According to Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney, the company will not be developing games based on the ‘play to earn’ model that the blockchain games follow, but would like to “welcome innovation in technology and finance”:

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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