Tourist campaign makes fun of Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘metaverse’

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Introducing the Icelandverse An Iceland tourism body on Thursday released a promotional video of the country directly parodying Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg. In the video a Zuckerberg lookalike — dubbed "Zack Mossbergsson" — pokes fun at the stiltedness of Zuckerberg's announcement late last month that Facebook was changing its name to Meta. "Hello and welcome to this very natural setting," the presenter says. "Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach to connect our world without being super weird," he adds. The Zuckerberg-alike then goes on to introduce the "Icelandverse," a clear parody of Zuckerberg's metaverse ambitions.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg has great ambitions to create an online universe – a ‘metaverse’ – where people can act in a 3D environment.

It has recently caused Facebook to change its company name from Facebook to now be called Meta.

The name, of course, comes from the online world the company is building, and which they will, among other things, hire 10,000 employees in the EU to assist.

Now an Icelandic tourism campaign has made its own version of the video that was released in connection with Facebook’s name change to Meta, writes CNBC.

In Meta’s video, Mark Zuckerberg outlines how the new online universe will look, and he says, among other things, that you will experience “the feeling of presence … as if you are with other people.”

The Icelandic video goes by the name ‘Introducing the Icelandverse’ and is made by the marketing company Inspired by Iceland.

The video shows an almost clone of Mark Zuckerberg wearing minimalist attire.

“Today I want to talk about a revolutionary approach to how we connect our world without being super weird,” the Zuckerberg clone tells the camera.

In the 2.5 minute long video, the nature of Iceland is highlighted, just as it is also stated that you can meet real people and that you can see the sky with your own eyes.

Not only is the video available on YouTube fiercely parodying, so is the press release, writes CNBC.

This is because it says that Icelandverse was created “after millions of years of development” and that “users can explore and navigate through the different layers of captivating reality just by a visit.”

Although the tourism campaign makes a big laugh with Mark Zuckerberg and Meta’s vision to develop a metaverse, the top manager has nevertheless expressed enthusiasm for The Icelandverse.

According to the media, Zuckerberg has said he has seen the video and that he finds it “amazing.”

It was back in July that the top executive for the first time outlined his version to create a metaverse, and the first step is, among other things, to develop an app where users can hold meetings together virtually.

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