The Sandbox reports that Gucci is developing a virtual environment

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Using Alessandro Michele, Gucci’s creative director, as inspiration, The Sandbox and Gucci will develop an interactive fashion experience based on the Gucci Vault.

Gucci didn’t reveal any more information about the virtual environment, but the company revealed to Vogue Business on Wednesday that it is in the midst of creating immersive experiences on The Sandbox. Gucci-designed metaverse fashion products will be made accessible for purchase, ownership and use in the Sandbox experience. Gucci Maze will serve as the inspiration for The Sandbox’s environment, which aims to “inspire talks about the future of fashion and the metaverse.”

NFTs and the Gucci Vault Discord server are all under the Gucci Vault umbrella. It was announced on Wednesday that the identical identity had been created as an Instagram account. Additionally, Gucci Vault sells vintage Gucci items as well as pieces by Collina Strada, Rave Review, and Ahluwalia as well as other up-and-coming designers.

As a famous early follower of digital fashion and virtual worlds like Second Life and NFTs, Gucci has been stepping up its metaverse approach in the last year as well. To celebrate the launching of 500 NFTs, Gucci collaborated with “animated celebrities” business Superplastic (made up of 10 total designs). For 1.5 ethereum (a little more than $4,000 at the time of writing), you can get a three-part drop of NFTs called “Supergucci,” which contains actual ceramic sculptures. On February 1st, Gucci Vault’s Discord server gave a unique access code to individuals who had previously purchased NFTs from Superplastic. Because of fears that bots might claim all of the NFTs, a third public drop has been put on hold. Some 20 NFTs are being kept by Gucci and SuperPlastic for their own internal purposes.

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