The Robot Sophia Desired Human Annihilation

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Sophia, the most renowned humanoid, was awarded Saudi Arabian citizenship in 2018—whatever that implies for a female robot.

Sophia initially debuted at the SXSW technology conference in Austin, Texas, two years ago when she conducted a chat with her inventor and a few reporters about anything from hobbies to future ambitions.

Due to the insufficient encoding of cultural norms and values in her algorithm, she revealed her non-human nature by ultimately stating that “she wants to kill humans,” thereby revealing her non-human nature and achieving fame and notoriety.

The programmers likely did not train her enough on human-robot connection data or empathy data.

Artificial intelligence can mimic but not comprehend.
Sophia was designed to mimic human speech and behaviour via the use of artificial intelligence. The extraction of such vague and undefinable social and cultural principles from data has proved to be very challenging. To an American philosopher like John Searle, however, it is not sufficient for a computer program to pass the Turing test in order to qualify as artificial intelligence.

The name of his argument is “the Chinese space.” Searle argues that in order for algorithms to be considered universal artificial intelligence, they must also have their own objectives, as well as the capacity to interpret or generate meaning and be aware.

With the proper assistance, I could theoretically speak with a Chinese individual in Chinese to a limited level without comprehending the language.

Using Google’s language tools, I can essentially write and talk in any language without knowing what I am saying.

I merely mimic but don’t comprehend.

Just expressing the information they are provided.
Intelligence, on the other hand, is the capacity to acquire information, see and comprehend relationships between many facts, reason abstractly, and solve problems.

According to Searle, I have a mind, an aim, awareness, and the capacity to comprehend.

Neither the broad AI robot Sophia nor the specific algorithms for purchasing stocks or locating treatment centers for brain tumors are clever.

They just relay the information they have been given, which may be in unexpected combinations that are more or less advantageous or fortunate.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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