The power of art to move people is undeniable

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We at Metaverse News are huge fans of fine art NFTs. Even if defining what constitutes fine art can be a challenge, a reasonable starting point is a work that is made or designed largely for aesthetic appeal rather than practicality.
An art form in which a work of art is produced; this could be anything from sculpture to painting to music and Techniques and talents that need a high level of expertise. For the following artist, I think this description would be highly appropriate: Marina troino. Metaverse News had the pleasure of chatting with her, and we’ve included extracts from our discussion on NFTs, what it’s like to be a woman in the industry, and more.

What are some of the current projects on which you are working?

I’m currently mastering digital painting and want to try new things; I collaborate with photographers, musicians, and media artists, and I’ve also served as a model for the works of my other artist pals; I thoroughly loved this experience.

When it comes to being an artist, what advantages can NFTs bring you?

The main advantage for me is that I see and feel that my art is appreciated, I feel that people really like what I do and this gives me additional strength and inspiration for the next works. As a technology, nft allows me to authenticate my art

Do you have a group of people supporting you?

I joined nft in early April 2021, and just a couple of months ago I and other artists organized our own team where we are very supportive of each other and make plans for collaborative projects.

Metaverse News feels it’s fantastic that more and more skilled female artists are entering the NFT profession. I strongly advise our reader to go in and view her work on the Foundation, as well as to follow her on social media.

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