The first eco metaverse is creating a Global Climate Conference

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Klabrate World, the first eco metaverse, is constructing a facility for the Global Climate Conference in its capital, Eco City. Climate conferences such as COP27, exhibitions, eco-product launches, and concerts by climate activist singers such as Cold Play and Billie Eilish will all take place at the site. The people behind the project have at least informed Metaverse News.

The conference venue will be named after the individual or corporation that agrees to sponsor it and will cost $10 million to build. Seventy-five percent of the sponsorship funds will be used to implement real-world environmental and educational projects in Zambia.

Project’s official twitter profile

Klabrate World has developed a tight relationship with the Zambian government, and the sponsorship earnings will be used to:

• Planting five million trees; • Constructing five new schools; • Refurbishing twenty existing schools; and • Creating 1,500 long-term jobs.

Klabrate is looking for a wealthy individual or company that wants to highlight their environmental commitment, as well as a sporting team that wants to offset their collective carbon impact.

Klabrate World is creating the first Eco Metaverse to make it simple, enjoyable, and profitable for “armchair ecologists” to lessen their carbon footprint.

Trees are planted in the real world for every plot of virtual property purchased in Klabrate World. When plot buyers construct a home or purchase a car in the metaverse, trees are planted to offset their carbon footprint based on real-world equivalent emissions.

Klabrate Planet is intended to provide genuine educational benefits as well as an opportunity for a like-minded community to share ideas and imagine what a fully green world could look like.

Major brands will be able to demonstrate their green credentials, and there will be a forum for enterprises and innovators to publish eco initiatives for comment and prospective investment.”

Metaverse News thinks it is an exciting project that we look forward to following.

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