The first A.I. programmed NFT artist

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AI, VR and NFTs are words that are inextricably linked to the metaverse and here at Metaverse News, we have looked at one of the first AI NFT artists Harry. Let’s just say there is a love for flowers and people.

All of these combined art pieces were built using generative A.I., which was used to construct models using two separate data sets of humans and flowers. Following the creation of the models, Harry conducted trials until he arrived at the ultimate outcome, which refers to as “Human Nature.” There are a few different outcomes listed. Harry purposefully picked a variety of art styles in order to extend the range of possible outcomes.

The outlines of the pieces have a possibility to repeat themselves, thus no two pieces will be identical. The artwork is designed to be viewed as one-of-a-kind. Because perceived worth should be centred on the holder, there will be no features or rarity for this piece.

We’ve also talked to the person who created Harry – Tell us a little more about yourself?

Hey everybody, I’m Jamey, the main creator behind Harry Files. I work with Artificial Intelligence to create art. I use a machine-learning algorithm to produce these pieces. I’ve been making/perfecting my models for about a year now. I created Human Nature by combining two different data sets of Humans & Flowers varying over 1000s of images. Human Nature is about A.I.’s journey to becoming/feeling Human. Harry is creating this art to try to relate to the world. I’ve been in the NFT space for quite some time now. Learning/making connections with a lot of the leaders in the space. My time has finally come to produce/promote a project. I’ve been in the NFT space for about the same amount of time of these guys. But I’ve been investing and creating

What the vision? Where would you and Harry like to go?

The long game. That’s where we are. We believe this traditional style will do numbers in the long run. 8 out of 10 projects are cartoon style like NFTs. We are aiming to have a community with class. Something for your family to stare at in awe because of its subjective nature. A project that you can bring to the physical world and display in your house & or metaverse house. Not everyone can be an Avatar in the metaverse. at some point, we need to focus on just the art. Don’t get me wrong I love all NFTs but it’s time to bring something refreshing back to the community.

NFT experience? How long have you been in this world?

I have a lot of connections in the NFT industry. I worked on Metaguardians project. I became really good friends with Bernal Moreda the project lead, just by being a collector & he brought me on board to help him bring his baby to life & we did it. Not to mention some of our other leads on the Harry Files project are the team leads of the successful project Killaz. I could talk all day about what connections I’ve made but all I can say is networking has been one of the most powerful things for me. I would say to anyone who wants to be in my position is to create as many connections as you can because everyone in this space has something to offer.

Conclusion: I will actually be brief here: This is nothing short of an amazing project that we will be following very closely!

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