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Make yourself a cup of coffee and continue to find out more information on the network of the future! Metaverse News has brought you here with a five-part series about the effects and history of The Merge and EthereumHe is familiar to you. His inventions lay the framework for the NFT world we live in today, but before he became renowned, what was his name and where did he work?

Vitalik Buterin is one of the most prominent and well-known characters in the cryptocurrency and blockchain worlds, despite the fact that he is still relatively young. Both Forbes and Fortune magazine have included him on their respective lists of the most powerful persons in the world. But who is the young guy behind the reserved demeanour and absentmindedness most of the time?

Vitaly Dimtriyevich Buterin, popularly known as Vitalik Buterin, was born in Kolomna, a city about 100 kilometers southeast of Moscow, on January 31, 1994. His father is an information technology specialist and his mother is a business analyst. The young family resided in Russia until Vitalik reached the age of six. The young family immigrated to Canada in search of better employment opportunities.

Already in the 3rd grade it was found that Vitalik had a special talent for numbers. He was able to add three-digit numbers in his head in no time. He was then transferred to a class for gifted children. There he soon discovered his fascination for mathematics, computer science and economics. He took part in the International Computer Science Olympiad in 2012 and won a bronze medal.

In 2011 his father Dimtry Buterin told about Bitcoin and blockchain for the first time. The interest of the then 17-year-old was immediately aroused and he began to grapple with the subject. In 2013 he visited other developers from different countries to exchange ideas with them. In the same year he returned to Toronto and published a whitepaper in which he proposed the Ethereum blockchain for the first time.

In 2014, Vitalik Buterin won the Thiel Scholarship worth US $ 100,000, launched by tech billionaire and PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel. He dropped out of Waterloo University to focus on developing Ethereum. The Faculty of Economics at the University of Basel awarded him an honorary doctorate in 2018.

Before founding Ethereum, Vitalik Buterin first wrote blog posts about Bitcoin and blockchain. Initially, he received around 5 Bitcoin per item, which corresponded to a current value of about 3.50 US $. However, the website could not keep up and was closed again, as the awareness and interest in Bitcoin was too low at that time. Buterin co-founded 2011 with Mihai Alisie Bitcoin Magazine.

The platform was purchased by BTC Media about a year later. Buterin, however, wrote further articles until about mid-2014.

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