The Best Play-to-Earn Games in the Metaverse Right Now

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If you’re a gamer interested in checking out the BlockChain games, this section is for you. Now do be aware that these games will involve dealing with real money and hence we suggest proceeding with caution. Never share your wallet details with any third party and keep your crypto secure. Having said that, these are some of the best Metaverse play-to-earn games you can check out.

Axie Infinity

As of 2018, Axie Infinity has become one of the Metaverse’s most popular play-to-earn games. Players can design their own Axie, which can be used in fighting, building, and even treasure hunting, in Axie, a game based on the Pokemon universe. For each Axie, there’s a set of characteristics and abilities that make it distinct. It is possible to fight other players with the help of Axies and the game will reward you with NFTs. Players can then trade these NFTs in exchange for cryptocurrency. When the COVID 19 outbreak hit the Philippines, Axie Infinity was all over the news. Axie became a popular Metaverse game because of its great earning potential, making it a viable source of income for many players. Axie Infinity is a Pokemon-style game that also deals with cryptocurrency.


The open-world role-playing game Illuvium is currently under development. In Illuvium, the player’s goal is to explore the game’s world and acquire creatures by uncovering facts and engaging in battles. These deity-like entities, known as ‘Illuvials,’ may have supernatural powers and may be harmful. Additionally, the player must find out what shattered the land of Illuvium in the cataclysmic event. The Ethereum blockchain is used for the game-like other play-to-earns. Building a squad of monsters and then facing off against other players will be the focus of Illuvium. $ILV, the game’s currency, can be earned as a reward. There is a possibility that players can make money by selling them and playing at the same time. More than 100 Illuvials await capture, each containing a unique set of classes and abilities. If the game’s website is any indication, Illuvim is going to be a visually stunning game with a wide range of gameplay options. Take a look at this undertaking. Illuvium

Chordus Arena (Upcoming)

The founder of this project has previously been interviewed by Metaverse News, who is really pleased with it. Read it here

Chordus, derived from ancient Latin, literally means “aftermath,” and was given to the galaxy as a result of the devastation caused by the dark cosmic battle. In an attempt to achieve control and dominate the cosmos, the five empires fought for thousands of years. The last effort resulted in such widespread damage that multiple star systems imploded, resulting in a devastating chain reaction. Finally, the five empire leaders came to an agreement to hold a formal tournament in which each empire will send its most formidable heroes to represent them in a combat situation on the battlefield.

The use of any non-melee weaponry to evaluate the real strength of the heroes is prohibited under the arena regulations. In the arena, six of the most powerful and elemental elements have been gathered from all across the cosmos and will be fashioned into Ancient Artifacts by the forge masters. The stadium was constructed among the wreckage of the galaxy and was given the name “Chordus Arena” in honor of the planet Chordus. The arena was transformed into a meeting place for the most powerful fighters in the Chordus Galaxy.

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