The Annoymous Video Against Bored Apes Is Almost Certainly Fake

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Background On Bored Apes Smear Campaign

Ryder Ripps and Pauly recently collaborated in accusing BAYC and its founders of acts and “putting hidden meanings in Bored Ape images” which the founders have come out and debunked and have also filed a lawsuit against Ryder and Pauly. Ryder made a rip off collection of bored apes using the BAYC logo and all the original BAYC images, his reasoning is that you “can’t copy an NFT” which is true but that doesn’t mean its not copyright infringement just like you would still get sued for creating a copy of an iPhone even if the atoms aren’t the same as the patented one.

Fake Anonymous video

I would like to credit @DaoKwonDo and @3orovik for a lot of this info below.

The video was uploaded to a fake and non recognised anonymous YouTube channel, here is the real one

On top of this, it came from a fake and non recognised twitter with only 13.6k followers whereas the real one with millions hasn’t posted it here

Furthermore the real twitter has denounced the fake twitter that the BAYC video was posted to as they promoted a scam coin awhile ago

We can also see just how easy and cheap it is to make a fake anonymous clip as shown by @3orovik below

It is extremely toxic that Ryder and Pauly are still trying to push a debunked narrative they made up by now pushing fake anonymous videos onto the internet in order to promote themselves and likely try to profit again from the drama as they did last time. The lawsuit from the Bored Ape yacht club will likely put an end to this defamation and smear campaign.

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