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Upgrade your Ready Player Me avatar and play Hoverball on Metaboard. CARV has unveiled the CARV1 Metaboard, a digital collectable hoverboard.

Each Metaboard uses avatar integration based on the metaverse platform and includes bespoke avatar movements and improvements. The hoverboard’s physics system lets you execute stunts and optimizes items per metaverse.

Nathan Grotticelli, CEO of CARV, said individuals use Metaboards to travel 3D model terrains in ever-growing virtual worlds.

With hovering, you can surf ocean waves, snowy slopes, and concrete skateparks. Grotticelli adds, “We’re pushing out sample examples, including 3D scans of real-world riding spots.”

The inaugural CARV1 collection will include 50 super-rad designs with varying rarity and speed. 500 limited edition 3D elements are included. The business now limits sales to two per consumer, but hopes to increase that later this year.

Your Ready Player Me avatar may utilize Metaboards in any supported world. CARV has agreements with 15 additional apps/companies to integrate soon.

Virtual hoverboards aren’t a fad. LEVRTV lets you ride your board in the showroom. The CARV team encourages signing up on their website to obtain a direct link delivered to your email if you’re interested in checking out the app.

Grotticelli sees avatars using Metaboards to watch live-action 360 and volumetric video with better vertical control and less dizziness.

Owners may market boards to other collectors, ride over 3D terrain (including NeRFs), and engage in the Hoverball eSport championship. A tweet teases AR.

We enable freestyle stunts and Hoverball, a VR-first esport. Our teammate’s past experience selling hoverboards in Secondlife 10 years ago inspired this. People liked cruising and jumping, but their Rocket-league/Quidditch-esq Simball gaming was popular, says Grotticelli.

CARV intends a skate/street artist drop for their Metaboards. CARV 2 will contain a detachable virtual drone camera and new rider contests.

Metaboards cost 777 Matic (Polygon). CARV will soon accept USD and ETH.

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