Spirituality, warmth, and NFTart in the hands of Ukrainian artist Sonya

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Sonya is a Ukrainian NFT artist known for her sensuality, warmth, and unique style of art. And we’ve had the honour of talking to the talented young artist. The editor of Metaverse News and narrator of this essay, Jonathan, grew up in the art world, which I doubt many of you are aware of. As a result, the aroma of freshly applied oil paint and the warm hues of my childhood house bring back fond memories. We at Metaverse News take great delight in keeping tabs on the latest NFT developments. Most “NFT artists” will have to find something else to do when the buzz decreases. It’s no secret that 90% of the NFT drops found out there are worthless. In the end, the area will be taken over by the arts that are able to inspire artists who can speak to the viewers without the use of language. To get to know her a little, I’ve shared some of our chats with you here.

Snippets from our talk

My art is more about spirituality, expression of emotions and color.


In your oil paintings, you use warm, tranquil colours to convey a sense of sensuality. Where do you get your inspiration from?

I do not want to be perceived as an artist who paints nudes, I mean yes, of course in my paintings sometimes you can see a naked female body, but my work is absolutely not about that. My art is more about spirituality, expression of emotions and colour. Another interesting thing about my background: when I was 15 years old I graduated from yoga instructor school, but I never started to teach or lead a group, just continued practising for myself, and this story inspired me to create a collection at Foundation “Unrealized Yoga Teacher”.

In the NFT realm, how long have you been around?

I started at NFT in November 2021 and I can say with confidence that I’m not here for the hype or the easy money. I’m here for the long haul, and every day I do a great job of developing and growing. I set myself goals, and little by little I go to them.

“When I paint a picture, I’m not just working with the canvas, I’m working with energies too.”


Sonya is a skilled artist, and I believe her use of energy in her paintings is evident. It’s highly recommended that you check it out and keep tabs on her progress.

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