Sign Language AR Lens

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Learn ASL by fingerspelling your name.

Snap Inc. unveiled the ASL Alphabet Lens for Snapchat. This Lens uses AR to help you learn the basics of the ASL Alphabet and test your knowledge in gamified encounters. Snap’s hand-tracking technology lets you “fingerspell” your name.

According to an official announcement, the Lens was designed by Snapchat’s “Deafengers” This is the same team that worked with AI and computer vision firm SignAll to create Snapchat’s first fingerspelling lens last year.

The ASL Alphabet Lens improves on current technologies to give users with a unique teaching experience.

The Lens has several game modes that teach sign language via hand tracking. You may practice the ASL Alphabet, form words, and match letters. The Lens tracks your development over time.

The ASL Alphabet Lens is part of Snap’s objective to “scale empathy via education”

Over 400 million individuals are deaf or hard-of-hearing. We believe AR can transform how native signers interact in a world with linguistic injustice, the business claimed. This, along with Snap’s pioneering AR hand-tracking technology, prompted a campaign to teach Snapchatters across the world about sign language.

Snapchat’s iOS and Android apps now have the ASL Alphabet Lens. Click here or scan the image above to access the Lens. You may search for ASL Alphabet Lens in the app.

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