Sandbox, 16,000 individuals purchase virtual land parcels

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Sandbox founders and COO Sebastien Borget told Al Arabiya English that over 16,000 individuals have purchased plots of virtual property in a new blockchain-linked video game.
On Monday, the Sandbox, a virtual metaverse realm that allows players to develop and play games inside games, released an early Alpha edition.
The cheapest parcel of land for sale on NFT marketplace Openseas at the time of writing was $15,179.
In the two weeks leading up to the launch, the price of a digital currency affiliated with Sandbox and tied to the Ethereum blockchain doubled. It peaked at $8.40 and is now at roughly $7.08.
Borget stated that the number of individuals who possess the SAND money has increased from roughly 500,000 at the start of the month to over 900,000 at the moment.
“It’s an exciting moment,” he said, according to Al Arabiya English.

The platform boasts a slew of celebrity backers, including Adidas, Atari, and musician Snoop Dogg.
It was also partially supported by the SoftBank Vision Fund, which was co-founded with the Saudi Public Investment Fund (PIF).

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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