Rare Apepe NFTs Rise To Stardom

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Rare Apepes

Rare Apepes are the Number 1 Selling NFT On Opensea

In the last few days a largely unknown NFT project called Rare Apepes catapulted itself to become the #1 highest volume project on Opensea with 1594 ETH (~$3 million dollars) traded in the last 24 hours surpassing even bored apes and crypto punks! On top of this, the floor price (similar in some ways to a stock price) has risen from just 0.02 eth to 1 eth in 10 days. to put this in perspective, if you had invested $1000 into this project you would have increased your investment to $50,000 in 10 short days and there is no sign of this slowing down!

What Made This Run Happen?

Currently this can largely be attributed to their sudden rise in fame as they have become famous on NFT twitter rapidly putting eyes onto the project resulting in large money inflows into these NFTs. However, they aren’t without utility, the project has laid out plans to give long term benefits to investors through an airdrop similar to the Bored Apes mutant serums that gave all bored ape owners a serum that they could use to create a new mutated version of their bored ape while also keeping their original ape.

The Team Behind Rare Apepes

Rare labs is an agency dedicated to nft digital art design. is founded by the OG artist of the crypto community Rare Designer. This agency intends to offer the design / illustration service for clients who seek seriousness and commitment in the final product. 

Rare Designer is one of the original creators of art for Rare Pepe’s a cultural phenomenon which has seduced the crypto and NFT world at large. 

Rare Designer is an Artist born in Venezuela, dedicated to drawing from an early age, with 15 years of experience in this field. In 2017 from a very hard crisis in his country, under a famine, he decided to find ways to take advantage of his talent, however it was not until a foreigner of French origin decided to offer him an opportunity, but said payment would be in bitcoin. Not having many alternatives, this young artist accepted the proposal, becoming one of the early artists of the Rare Pepe project calling himself “Pepe Designer”. Later he would participate in other projects based on crypto art, becoming a Rare Designer.


I have no financial interest in Rare Apepes NFTs

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