Possible for Artificial Intelligence to Pen a blog? Part 2

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Artificial intelligence is of great interest to us here at Metaverse News. True, we think the evolution of web3, AI, and crypto all work together and will contribute to the birth of the new metaverse, but that’s a tale for another day. This is the first post in a short series that will examine the benefits and drawbacks of using artificial intelligence in the realms of blogging and literature.

Artificial Intelligence-Generated Blogs
Artificial intelligence assistants are likely familiar to professional bloggers and those who create material for promotional objectives. Blog post writing services are available online and claim to do the work for you. The concept is that you plug in some keywords and steer the text in a certain direction, and then you have something. The writing on your blog has already been completed.

But hold your horses; this isn’t the case just yet. However, we are very close to reaching our goal.

Naturally, as a writer, I had to give it a go. It cost me around $50 a month to subscribe to Jasper.ai, but it was well worth it. This looked like a good deal, especially because I was already hiring freelance writers to assist me out with other aspects of my company. It’s a dream come true that I don’t have to worry about taking breaks for lunch or vacations or listening to complaints or having my lousy ideas challenged.

A till it isn’t.

To start, I’ll remark that these AI helpers really hit it out of the park. Some things are within their strengths. Once, I commissioned Jasper.ai to produce an essay about razor clams, complete with suggested dishes. The artificial intelligence completely destroyed it.

However. A lot of molding and fact-checking fell on my shoulders. Therefore, there were moments when the AI lied quite significantly. It is also unable to search for illustrative media like photos and movies to spice up the text. This calls for the involvement of actual people.

I calculated that the AI would allow me to write this narrative twice as quickly. This is fantastic! Still, after that…

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
Web3 guru, and enjoys sugary liquorice.
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