Polygon has two of the most popular Crypto Metaverse games

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Arc8 by GAMEE, the most popular Metaverse cryptocurrency game on Polygon. Users of Arc8 may earn cryptocurrency by playing a variety of mobile games.
Both iOS and Android users may download the app and begin playing games straight away. In order to make their games enjoyable and rewarding, Arc8 produces its own.
There were about a dozen games accessible at the time of this writing. Playing the games costs points, and users are allowed to collect points up to four times each day in order to keep score.

An fantastic concept that compensates users according to their skill level, Arc8 is overall an excellent concept. As a bonus, Arc8 hosts several tournaments and events, allowing participants to gain additional prizes.
If you haven’t already, I strongly encourage you to give this game a go. Arc8 is the most popular Metaverse game on Polygon, with over 91k users in the past month, yet it doesn’t need an upfront investment.

PooMania is a blockchain-based military game in which players compete to gain rewards. Because their Twitter account has mysteriously vanished and it is practically hard to discover anything about this game on the internet anymore, I have grown a little sceptical about it. As a result, keep your feet warm.

During this “MATICs only fully blockchain based pay-to-earn NFT game,” you will have the opportunity to “mint, collect, and trade MATICs NFTs.”
Once a Poo has been acquired, gamers may use it to compete against other players and get rewards in exchange for their efforts.
According to current prices, certain Poos might be purchased for as much as 1000 MATIC (about $2,000), while others could be purchased for as cheap as 145 MATIC (approximately $300).

With bitcoin, you can purchase digital Poos for hundreds of dollars or even thousands of dollars. The strangest thing about this is that not only are individuals ready to pay such large sums, but some people are really making money off of these Poos.
PooMania’s popularity has risen in the previous month, with more than 41,000 people utilizing its platform in the last 30 days, according to the company. PooMania has risen to become the second most popular game on Polygon.

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