Otherside Guild Worth Millions of Dollars Discusses Its Future

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OtherGuild introduction

I have interviewed a founding member (@kisher_eth) of the first of its kind Otherside guild, in this interview we discuss the background and future of this incredible guild.

@OtherGuild is the first-of-its-kind guild created for the groundbreaking Otherside metaverse. They are a community of creators, builders, developers, gamers, investors, and adventurers committed to exploring the frontiers of web3 while fostering long term relationships through experiential content and meaningful world building. They aspire to be the most authentic voice of the community. They are curating the important conversations, creating fan lore, and building the culture of the fan community.

Mission statement

Their mission is to exponentially up-level everyone’s experience in the Otherside through community, digital, and In Real Life (IRL) experiences.

What services OtherGuild provides

They have the capabilities to provide services similar to that of a creative agency. The advantages of creating a “choose in” type of community – meaning you actively choose to participate and engage, as opposed to passively investing in projects – is that they have a pool of insanely engaged members with skills and talents that run the spectrum from blockchain engineers and software developers to 3d animators and creative directors, world builders, Fortune 500 directors, Crypto thought leaders, world class gamers, and more.

Plans for the future

They are currently developing our long term roadmap. It’s been a challenge as Yuga Labs and Otherside has kept pretty tight lipped on their release dates and plans. With what they do know, they are building a framework to leverage community experiences that will cultivate in IRL and MMORPG style events. These will be streamed and amplified through our OtherGuild gaming studio and social channels. Inside Otherside, we will be creating a suite of assets, wearables, tools, resources, and more, all leveraging OtherGuild and its brand partners to augment the in game experience. All of this will continue to be wrapped in our OtherGuild lore and world, layered on top of the Otherside storylines. As we continue to learn more through Otherside releases, our roadmap will continue to flex and evolve.

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