OnChain Buccaneers MAYC Giveaway

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Introduction to OnChain Buccaneers

OnChain Buccaneers is a project by two longstanding web3 crypto friends, Jampzer and Hydraze. A collection of 888 Buccaneers, generated and regenerated until perfection through deep-learning, intuitive AI technology. The Buccaneers NFT acts in duality as a profile picture, a branding experience for the alpha group, as well as an access pass to the token-gated private alpha Community.

They have already announced their first alpha caller, Ocar

@ocarteironft Hailing from one of the largest Brazilian alpha Communities, Ocar calls quality plays and does not machine gun spray calls.

The Team Of OnChain Buccaneers

Jampzer BAYC#3716

@Jampzer: A BAYC holder and large pillar of the NFT Community, Jampzer is often found scouring the BAYC WTS Discord for flips and trades, but also found calling quality alpha plays. Sometimes known to degen mint. Co-founder of OCB alpha, Jampzer is excited to help the OCB holders learn to trade better, smarter, and lock in profits.

Hydraze AKA @hydraze420: Founder of Kaiju’s Reborn, risen of the ashes, and Co-founder of OCB alpha, Hydraze can often be found sweeping with gem before any DD is posted. Jokes. Sorta. Hydraze is excited to bring many quality plays to the table.

The OCB Mission Statement

Create and nourish a vibrant Community of traders who are not only having fun, but also making money. Provide informative alpha on plays with the ultimate goal of quantifiable profit. The name of the game is trading. Our goal is to have every pass holder have their initial mint cost covered by empowering information, and calls from the private token-gated Discord running & alpha/calls being provided.

How Value Is Created For Holders

They provide access to a Zapnode for all OCB holders. Zapnodes are insanely fast Ethereum nodes, that help fulfill transactions (ie. when buying into large volume) in record times, beating most traders making the same transaction at the same gas/gwei. This network has lightning speed and we will provide access to every single OCB holder through a token-gated Zapnode. Beat everyone else to the punch, get there first. Whitelist website We are building out a token-gated website, where we will be able to deliver a smooth UI/UX experience for registering in different whitelist opportunities, just by holding an OCB.

Alpha Calls

Alpha Calls We provide multiple alpha callers, with opt-in roles, so you are only pinged by the alpha calls by the callers you wish to receive notifications from. We will have different notifications for degen mints, flips, mid-long holds. OCB Rewards – 10% of OCB Royalties (set at 5%) will be automatically distributed into the “OCB REWARDS” wallet “0x8813C021b88002AaA02ce076f63B589B9aDDf2B0”. We will be rolling out a randomized prize program for holders based on the royalties in this wallet. Own to win!

MAYC Giveaway

MAYC Giveaway MAYC #11124 is currently in the OCB REWARD wallet “0x8813C021b88002AaA02ce076f63B589B9aDDf2B0”. After we have minted 888 OnChain Buccaneers at the mint prices of .2E WL and .25E Public, we will host a live giveaway session where we will randomly choose one lucky individual who mints and holds their OCB to win the MAYC!


Mint Details

Collection Size: 888 OnChain Buccaneers 88 of these Buccaneers will be minted to the OCB Rewards wallet to distribute to partners who participated pre-mint (ie. collab managers, moderators, marketing ambassadors), and to hold for future events and giveaways. The remaining 800 Buccaneers will all be whitelisted, 1 per wallet. WL was given to: Active members of Community, Real Goblins, Project Godjira, Team Cannibal, HeadDao, Illogics, PWL, Sappy Seals, Squishiverse, Sappy Seals, and many more

Whitelist: 0.2 Eth

Public Mint: 0.25 Eth

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