Nintendo has expressed “interest” in NFTs and the metaverse

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NFTs continue to be a popular technology trend, with many unhappy video game businesses making the mistake of venturing into the field – only to have their fans and associates condemn them as a result of their decision.

The creators of Mario are alleged to have expressed “interest” in quantum computing and the metaverse during a recent Q&A session with Nintendo executives. However, the company has not yet figured out how to make it “fun.”
Earlier this week, Nintendo released its most recent financial statistics, which indicated that the Switch platform had surpassed the Wii to become the company’s best-selling home console. While the question asked Nintendo about NFTs and the metaverse, it appears that the answer focused mostly on the metaverse portion of the issue, and specifically how it related to life simulation games such as Animal Crossing, in order to provide a satisfactory answer.

“The metaverse is catching the attention of a growing number of businesses around the world, and we feel it has tremendous promise,” says the author “According to VGC’s translation of the official response, “As an added bonus, when the metaverse is referenced in the media, software such as Animal Crossing is frequently cited as an example, and it is in this context that we are particularly interested in it.

“On the other hand, it is difficult to determine what type of surprise and entertainment the metaverse can deliver to its clients…

We may be able to explore something if we can figure out a method to express our “Nintendo approach” to a large number of people in an understandable manner, but we do not believe that this is the case at this time.”

As a result, this response appears to be right in the sweet spot for how huge gaming corporations are responding to the NFT and metaverse excitement. EA CEO Andrew Wilson recently claimed that the firm is not currently focusing on NFTs, but that the company is keeping an eye on the technology in the event that it is integrated in the future.

In light of the fact that numerous well-known publishers — most recently Team17 — have been forced to openly terminate NFT collaborations as a result of public criticism, exercising prudence is definitely a smart idea. However, this hasn’t stopped Ubisoft or Konami from moving through with their own NFT plans, which we’ll have to wait and see how they turn out in the meanwhile.

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