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DappRadar estimates that NFT sales will total $25 billion by 2021. As a result, Q4 sales volume increased nearly tenfold from $1.2 billion in Q1 to $11.6 billion in Q4. To keep up with the rapid growth of the medium, companies like Digital Content Protection are stepping in to help rights holders secure their financial interests.

In the new world of Web3, the music industry’s most famous rights-holders are taking swift action to safeguard their assets.

This service is being offered by Digital Content Protection, an anti-piracy outfit, following an NFT controversy involving unauthorised musical content being sold on a virtual marketplace.

The creative economy can be revolutionized by Web 3.0 technology, which includes NFTs. It’s still a wild west in its current form, however. DCP is currently collaborating with major labels like Sony, Universal, and Warner to expedite the removal of unlicensed digital content.

For strategic digital asset protection, brand development, and research into online phenomena, DCP uses a pool of skilled specialists and analysts and a modern IT infrastructure, which guarantees a multi-level approach.

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