NFT’s cultivate community meet BAYC’s new Council 

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NFT’s cultivate community. I’ve been in the crypto industry for five years and have formed deep connections and communities with individuals from six continents.

This is the allure of this industry. It lacks geographical borders, national flags, and set dogmas. We are linked through technology, and the Metaverse has much to offer us. One of those that I am acquainted with is EthanDG. Yes, you know him for sure. And here last week there was big news from the BAYC community of which he is a part.

BAYC Announces its Very Own Community Council

When it comes to Web3.0, apes are among the most creative. It’s not just something we say here at Metaverse News – It’s simply fact. In such a short length of time, the Ape culture has exploded into the mainstream with television series, apparel lines, restaurants, food trucks, drinks, hot sauce, jewellery, and even music videos.

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what makes BAYC so unique, though, as Yuga expands, community initiatives reach new heights, and Apes remain a fixture in popular culture.

In order to ensure the club’s continued success, they have formed a new community council consisting of Apes who have been active and helpful members from the beginning. This council was established to speak for the whole club and to encourage fresh viewpoints.

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BAYC anticipate this council’s membership will increase over time, but we’re thrilled to get things rolling with seven remarkable Apes From which one is our housemate EthanDG.

It’s possible that you have a few questions about the new council, and we’ll do our best to answer a few of them here: Below is what Metaverse News got out of their own FAQ

Are Council members paid for their efforts? The counsel will be compensated for their time in ApeCoin

Are council members official Yuga Labs Employees? Council members are not Yuga Labs employees.

What kind of sensitive information will the council be handling for Yuga Labs? While the council will be working with Yuga to support the community they will not be handling any tradable info.

How will the council work with Yuga labs? The council will meet with the Yuga team regularly to find ways to utilize the group’s autonomy and feedback.

In the coming days, we here at Metaverse News will dive further into BAYC’s new council, the individuals behind it, and not least what they will precatically sit and do. This will be done over the course of the next several days.

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