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NFTs: To raise awareness about environmental issues, ADAPTATIONS: LAND, a mixed-media art exhibition, opened in San Francisco this week. The gallery is now hosting a range of thought-provoking exhibits that may be seen by visitors until November 13th.

Tourists may get access to augmented reality NFTs by scanning paperback books with their cellphones.

This includes Nick Philip and the Imaginary Foundation’s “Paper Metaverse,” an augmented reality (AR) installation that combines state-of-the-art technology with traditional paperback books. Tourists may use their cellphones to unlock augmented reality-based freebies (NFTs) by scanning genuine paperback volumes.

We here at Metaverse News think it looks like a very exciting exhibition

“This project employs the lost pages of yesterday’s books to tell a collection of tales for tomorrow’s evolving reality,” the Imaginary Foundation said on Facebook. Paperback Metaverse “fuses the physical, the virtual, and the sculptural by juxtaposing a landscape created from thousands of repurposed paperback books with a dynamic layer of augmented reality triggered NFTs.”

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Paperback Metaverse is one of many exceptional mixed media pieces now on display at The Drawing Room Annex, 780 Valencia Street SF. Tuesday through Sunday, 11 pm to 7 pm, and Friday and Saturday, 11 pm to 9 pm are the gallery’s hours of operation.

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