NFT trends that will bring people who use social media into web3.

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As more people use sidechains like Polygon, the prices of NFTs will go down. Developers will also be able to make NFTs more interactive and easy to mix and match, which will make them more social.
This is how you could play Pokémon Go on the blockchain. Each Pokémon is an NFT that can be traded or sold, and you can buy and sell them. Every Pokémon you get has its own special traits, and you can have a big say in how it grows thanks to the location-based achievements you get. As a Pokémon grows, its powers get better on the chain. This is how you get crypto tokens as you play the game. These tokens have value outside of the game. Fun!


The NFT craze of 2021 was mostly about visual art, but the next frontier, and one that I think will be bigger in the long run, is music. There are three main reasons why people collect art: to show off their artistic tastes to their friends; to show off their individuality, either as an individual or as a group; and, in some cases, to make money.

There has been a lot of speculation behind the initial NFT craze, but I think that the impulses to express yourself and be who you are are the real driving forces behind art collecting. You can show off your favorite things and who you are through music, too.

In the beginning, TikTok was a music video app. Music is still a big part of the videos that people make on the platform today. But today’s music is not very good. Everyone can listen to the same songs.

Imagine that your favorite artist comes out with a unique 60-second music track that only a few people can get as NFTs. You buy one and make a TikTok out of it that is very cool. It spreads. The song has become so popular that a lot of people want to make their own TikTok with it. But there are only 100 copies left. You get a lot of offers from people who want to buy the song from you every day. You can decide whether to sell it or keep it for yourself. Fun!

They have moving bodies, or “auras.”
OK. You can’t for the life of you figure out why anyone would change their profile picture to an ugly ape. Bored Ape is one of my pets. As for making it my profile picture, I can’t bring myself to do that as well. Instead, I chose a World of Women. What made me change my professional headshot for one that was made by an algorithm? It was good. It allowed me to show a side of myself that I would not be able to show in a picture.

It’s already getting a little old. I wish it wasn’t so… stale.

Personalization and movement will soon be added to NFT avatars. An AI could make an avatar that looks like you in your ideal form by taking your picture. Like Bitmoji, but even better than it is. There are a lot of ways to change the character’s facial expressions, posture, clothes, and accessories, as well as make it dance. You can also make it say things in your own voice just by typing. Think about how much easier it would be to make TikTok posts where you feel good about how you look if you thought about it. You could spend less time working on your acting and filming skills and more time working on the message you want to get across.

Dynamic avatars will make it easier for people to express themselves on social media. They will also give a voice to a much bigger group of people who make things.

During the early days of Facebook, it was a little dumb, but it was still fun to use. People who were your real friends would show up on your Facebook page when you logged on every few days. You could poke them, see their cheesy profile pictures, and remember when they had birthdays. In the beginning, there was the feed. Then there were mobile phones and algorithms. Instagram models, lattes, and perfectly filtered lives. Somewhere along the way, the fun was taken over by a kind of social slavery. In the same way, we keep scrolling through the posts of people we don’t know that make us feel bad, and we keep posting obnoxious things in return. Not at all! This can’t be how it all ends!

As soon as Zuckerberg said what he wanted to do with Meta, everyone looked away. You’ve already ruined our lives with social media, and now you’re going to kill our last physical connections and turn us into vegetables living in the Matrix. We want to scream.

It doesn’t matter if there are good or bad things about the metaverse. We’re already on a steady path toward it. We are living more and more virtual lives. Web3 allows you to have a better experience in that virtual world. One that will hopefully make you feel a little less empty, a little more real.

When I think about the future, I want to see a world where NFTs and all the other promises of web3 help us make a virtual world where human interaction is fun again.

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