NFT is a game-changing innovation

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NFT is a game-changing innovation for the blockchain gaming industry

As a result of the NFT technology, gamers will finally be able to make money while playing games based on decentralized technologies, something they have been lacking for years. Edensol is a product that allows gamers to make money while playing their favorite games, in addition to providing a high-quality gaming experience. It’s called GameFi, and is a contraction between finance and game. But yes, readers of Metaverse News are probably well aware of that.

NFT technology has already been used in a number of gaming applications. In 2021, Axie Infinity will be the top NFT Metaverse, with NFT sales of $3 billion.

Axie Infinity is only one of several blockchain-based video games that use NFTs to reward players. There are more than 800 more. P2P gaming has also piqued the interest of experts in the digital assets business, who are optimistic about its future growth. P2E gaming, according to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, will account for 90% of the game business in the next five years.

Edensol’s gameplay represents a threat to the established order.
Everything we love about P2E gaming and conventional gaming is brought together in Edensol. Path of Exile and Diablo 3 were both developed by Lithuania’s Golem House gaming company, and Path of Exile’s gameplay is based on that of Diablo 3. (PoE).

Guilds, NFTs, and the Solana Edge make up the foundation of Edensol’s strong gameplay. Traditional components like as quests, heroes, and fearsome monsters are included in the game. Choosing a class is the first step in a player’s journey through the Metaverse.

Winning tournaments and fights, which cost NSOLs to acquire, can net you valuable NFTs. In Edensol Metaverse, non-fungible tokens may be sold on the Edensol marketplace or on major NFT exchanges like OpenSea and Mintable.

In Edensol, players may always join a guild and stake NSOL tokens to take over additional territory and battle for uncommon NFTs. Each guild is accountable for its land, which may be plundered at any moment by another group of players, but guild members share the money from each piece of land.

Edensol uses the Solana blockchain, which has a cheap fee structure compared to Ethereum’s fees, as its underlying technology. Edensol is able to give participants with lightning-fast NFT transaction processing and near-zero transaction costs thanks to the use of a readily scalable blockchain.

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