NFT Cabo: Tickets worth $ 65,000 has been purchased and will be given out to local artists!

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According to a news release obtained by Metaverse News, Prepárate 2100 A.C. President and Founder Phillip C. Roark recently acquired 100 conference seats for the NFT Cabo conference, totaling $65,000!

In-depth coverage of the NFT Cabo conference may be found here at Metaverse News website. Prepárate 2100 A.C.’s community consists mostly of local artists and digital creative developers, so the tickets are reserved for them. You can read more about the organization here

some of the attendees

During the conference in Los Cabos, from the 24th to the 28th of February, the organizations will work together to offer an exciting Popup Art + NFT walk/adventure. To date, the majority of attendees are insiders, NFT collectors, music business producers, investors and digital artists from outside Mexico, according to organizers.

NFT CABO will be able to offer “know how” workshops in multiple languages as a result of this agreement. NFT-related educational opportunities are available to attendees, many of whom are local budding artists and musicians. The most important thing they will do is share the proven secrets of this new investing sector and exactly which strategies and technology work.

Here’s the event’s twitter

Leading NFT artists will lead the special workshops, which will be co-delivered by Prepárate 2100 A.C. You can find a list of participants and speakers on the event’s website

This endeavour will be beneficial to everyone who attends.
There will be hands-on training provided by established specialists for the Prepárate 2100 AC attendees, most of whom are rising artistic stars from the Los Angeles area. In order to develop a vibrant NFT community and generate a thriving economy in the space, top artists will be revealing their secrets. The NFT movement’s economic influence is still in its infancy, yet it is already causing enormous cultural and economic transformation around the globe. Graphic art and electronic music are emerging as a new form of cryptocurrency that can be invested in by the general public.

When Wall Street and San Jose Art Walk collide, that is how this event can best be described.

is a non-profit civil association in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, that combines cultural, academic, economic, and professional activities to promote economic sustainability.
PREPARATE 2100 A.C. has four agencies: Digital Art Scene, eSymphony, elMED, and Digitize America.
The New Academy of Arts for Tourism is a PREPARATE 2100 A.C. organization. The NAAT team is committed to making Mexico the world’s most visited tourist destination. Tourists will have more reasons to visit Mexico if the sector’s expansion is accelerated.
LaGioconda.NFT is the latest creation of the economic alliance team. PREPARATE 2100 A.C. inspires the next generation of digital artists.

NAAT is coordinated by Prepárate 2100 AC


“The NFT investment movement is backed by financial specialists, business heavy hitters (known as whales) and it is easy to lose sight we are about Art and Culture,” says AQOMI artist and founder of The Animal Kingdom Collection (TAKC) NFT community on Artist centricity is my professional aim to grow our NFT activities. Collaborating with Phillip and Prepárate 2100 A.C. allows us to reach more people in the community and inspire more people to join this exciting economic and cultural movement.”
To make the event relevant and accessible to all, the organizers and Prepárate 2100 A.C. collaborate to support the development of Los Cabos & Baja California Sur’s cultural, art, and music.

Artists, musicians, and investors, please email us at for tickets.
Most tickets are free for New Academy of Arts for Tourism members.

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