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Nevermet is a dating app for VR users seeking for love in the wrong places. Simple idea. Users establish a social profile with age and gender criteria and swipe to find a match.
Instead of submitting photos of yourself, you upload photos and videos of your VRChat avatar. Nevermet’s developer Cheerio, who also created Couch and Somewhere, says human faces are banned. Users’ avatar motions, style, and speech are assessed.

“It’s hard to find a VRBF or VRGF” Walking up to an avatar in a digital environment is nerve-wracking, Cheerio remarked. It’s harder when you don’t know the other person’s gender, age, single status, or whether you have anything in common.

Nevermet intends to make dating simpler in VR and the Metaverse, like Tinder did in the real world. Nevermet focuses on love interactions in VR, although friends are welcome.
According to Cheerio, VR technology might disrupt the dating app business by allowing users to interact honestly in fantasy surroundings. The firm promises you can play ping pong, ride unicorns, even visit Paris on a first date.

“I love how VR is becoming a medium ground for online couples who can’t be together physically yet don’t want to text,” remarked one app user.

“We met on VR Chat.” We loved each other’s voices, which was healthy. VR dates till I moved in with him eight months later. Another stated, “I couldn’t be happier with my nine-month marriage.”

Want to network? Create your profile on Nevermet’s iOS app.

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