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In a previous article, we looked at Metaverse stocks that you might own, and especially one of them steps out as a healthy company that yocan’t’t gets around when it comes to the future of thMetaversese. Anthere’s’sAnthere’s’s the chip giant Nvidia.

ThMetaversese of the future needs computing power, and here Nvidia is one of the leaders in the world to deliver it.

Jensen Huang, CEO of Nvidia, has been talking about the Metaversese unit’s future ever since he stepped into his position at Nvidia. He has openly talked about his love and fascination for Snow Crash and Ready Player One novel. 

Virtual keynote at the recent GTC event.

Today, Huang was chosen to receive the semiconductoindustry’s’ssemiconductoindustry’s’s biggest honour, the Robert N. Noyce Award, officially awarded in November. In this connection, he was interviewed by journalist Dean Takahashi where he said something exciting”

“A lot of people think that–when you say” “metaverse”,” they imagine putting on VR headsets, buit’s’sbuit’s’s not just that. You can do that, but you can also enjoy it in 2D. One of my favoritfavouritef enjoying thMetaversese is a bunch of robots in metaverses doing work and communicating with robots outside the physical world. The only thinthat’s’sthinthat’s’s coming through is just ones and zeroes and messages. The physical world and the thMetaversese can be connected in a lot of different ways. It doesn’t just have to be humans. It can be machine to machine”.”

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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