Metaverse a ‘Dystopian Nightmare’

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Jaoh Hanke, founder and chief executive officer of Niantic, has published a blog post on the company’s official website in which he expresses his anxiety on the future of the metaverse and states the following:

A lot of people these days seem very interested in bringing this near-future vision of a virtual world to life, including some of the biggest names in technology and gaming. But in fact these novels served as warnings about a dystopian future of technology gone wrong

John Hanke

His comments can catch some people off guard a little bit. After all, it was his firm that launched Pokemon go, which has to be counted as one of the first significant providers to construct a world inside a universe. This distinction must be accorded to his company since it was his company that built the game. However, if you read the blog article, you’ll see that it makes perfect sense.

I could easily come up with an analysis of the post, but in this case, I just think you should enjoy it yourself.

In the post, he also mentions one of the writer’s favorite movies, which can be seen in a review here.

 The concept reached one of its most complete expressions in Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One, where virtually everyone has abandoned reality for an elaborate VR massively multiplayer video game.

John Hanke

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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