Meta’s $10 Billion Dollar Flop

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Meta has spent $10 billion dollars this year and the results are laughable

Today Mark Zuckerberg (CEO of Meta) posted a glimpse of his Horizons Metaverse. What we saw was depressing and disappointing, it seems very little effort has gone into this Metaverse so far compared to what we have seen from the likes of @OthersideMeta who operates on a fraction of that budget but has accomplished significantly more in far less time.

Meta’s Metaverse

Web2 Vs Web3

Within the Web3 community we have always had disliked Facebook generally in the sense that seem to be tone deaf with the current state of web3. They announced a 50% fee for their NFT marketplace for things like wearable NFTs which is far more than the industry standard of 2.5% (Opensea). We don’t know what the fee for the Otherside marketplace will be yet but we can likely expect something around 2.5% with all commerce being confirmed to be in ApeCoin exclusively. Web3 has always been about the user being the one who reaps the rewards but with Meta’s Metaverse we may very well see the opposite unfortunately as already stated with 50% fees.

The Otherside

Very recently we saw the first trip for the Otherside and it blew away all expectations, thousands of users were able to run around and interact with one another with 0 lag due to @Improbableio ‘s incredible technology. On top of this, it looks absolutely incredible. Moreover, we got to experience a taste of the story with Kodas and even got to fight an angry Koda in an epic battle together. All participants were rewarded with an obelisk onto their land but we don’t quite know what it does yet. I am extremely excited for the future of the Metaverse as a whole but it seems to me the Web3 currently has the upper hand!

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