Meta Quest Pro features and pricing are known

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A famous hardware expert leaked the latest Meta Quest Pro specs, dubbed Project Cambria that  debut in October.

Meta Quest Pro’s cutting-edge specs and graphics
Brad Lynch has provided CAD renderings and most of Meta’s Quest Pro’s hardware specs. As expected, it uses the Snapdragon XR2 5G chipset. The CPU has 12 GB of RAM, 10 sensors, and an infrared depth projector.

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Quest 2’s display is inferior to Quest Pro’s. The new headgear’s QLED displays will have a resolution of 1800×1920. Meta will employ pancake lenses and a 21-degree counter-rotating mechanism to combine AR and VR. Quest Pro has spatial audio, Wi-Fi 6E, and a 5000 mAh battery.

But is the old one worth anything?

The headset will be improved. The Meta Quest Pro controller reportedly has an IR camera, pressure sensor, and high-definition haptics. Leaker said controller and charging port might be offered separately for $300.

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