Mega Mutant NFT Reportedly Sold for 2300 Eth $4.2 Million

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Mutant Ape


@lior_eth on twitter, the founder of Eblockventures, purchased MAYC#30005 (Mega Trippy Mutant) yesterday in what is the largest sale of any Bored ape ecosystem asset ever! Lior is very well known within the NFT community and even more well known within the bored ape yacht club and was met with praise and congratulations from fellow apes upon this huge trade.

Why did Lior reportedly pay $4.2 million dollars for this NFT?

I was able to chat briefly with Lior in the bored ape members only channel on discord, which you need either a bored or mutant ape to access. When I asked how much the trade was worth he replied with
“it’s private for now, we made sure it wasn’t immediately identifiable on-chain for various reasons. soon as I get the go-ahead, I’ll make those details clear to everyone”. However, many sources have claimed this trade was worth 2300 Eth currently worth a staggering $4.2 million dollars!

Lior comments on plans for the Mega Mutant

I was able to get a comment from Lior regarding his plans after asking on twitter DMs

Lior: “I bought it entirely for the IP. Me and my partners about to do some wild shit with it.

And I won’t be alone in this either. Some titans of the industry will be a part of this”

Lior has the opportunity to do something incredible here and we support him on this project whole heartedly

What can Lior do with his new grail NFT?

All apes are given commercial IP rights to their NFTs images from Yuga Labs, this means they can do as they please with the apes images they own, some examples include Happy Dads new hard seltzer in which they have placed their BAYC onto the banana flavoured beverage.

Lior has huge plans for his IP rights with his new ape, as it was the main reason for the purchase as quoted above. On top of this, the not grants access to the most exclusive and famous NFT club on earth, the bored ape yacht club. Airdrops are regularly given to holders which have been worth tens of thousands of dollars and even hundreds of thousands of dollars at times! Lior already had access before this purchase but now owns one of 13 Mega mutants (the rarest sub category of apes) which has unseen potential to be an incredible advantage in the future of Web3.

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