Make metaverse avatars more inklusive?

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DNABlock has raised $1.2 million to make metaverse avatars more inclusive.

I must honestly admit that I was somewhat surprised when I read this news on Reuters. Maybe it’s because the “Woke” wave has not reached the same height as it has in the states, but I think it sounded a bit wild that one could raise such amounts. But, it is not it stood less what DNABlock has succeeded with.

DNABlock produced projects for TV networks such as Fox and Apple TV+ and prominent video games, music labels, fashion designers, and award shows. DNABlock uses Epic Games’ Unreal Engine-based MetaHuman Creator. to design avatars.

The Los Angeles-based company makes it easier for creators to build high-quality 3D avatars that reflect diversity.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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