Labour market of the future

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Interview with Jonas Hansen from Aalborg University, Denmark

It can be difficult to predict exactly what the labour markets of the future will be like. But there are a number of trends that will undoubtedly have an impact on your future working life. Get an overview and 5 trends in the future labour market here.

Globalization and digitalisation
The whole world has been brought closer together with globalization and digitalisation. It has never been easier to move people, goods, money, information and technology. This means that we are no longer bound to time and place as before.For example, you can collaborate with people sitting on the other side of the globe or attend a video conference with people from all over the world.

Newer technology
The development of new technology is happening faster than you can blink. Among other things, technology can help make the work more efficient. For example, robots are used on a large scale in hospitals. Here, self-propelled robots can retrieve blood samples from the outpatient clinic, and surgical robots help surgeons work quickly and efficiently during surgeries. Get more inspiration in the e-book: What can I become: 9 guides for you who have to choose education and career path

Greater need for competence development
The world is constantly changing and it is important that you change with it. To be successful in the labor market of the future, it is necessary to have employees who can commit themselves in a constantly changing world.

It is therefore necessary that you continuously throughout your working life improve your skills with new knowledge and the development of your competencies. Fortunately, it’s never too late to take courses or further your education.That way, you can face the future with new, up-to-date skills in your backpack.Find your career path – there are more job opportunities than you think

Increased flexibility
In the future, you need to be ready to work more flexibly. You will therefore not necessarily work in the same place for 15 years. Work can now be a task you solve and not necessarily a workplace you go to. Many will be hired for specific tasks in the future. This means that the employment period runs until a specific date, or until a specific task or project is completed. It gives you the freedom to work in a time-limited position. That way, you can try many different jobs throughout your working life and continuously challenge yourself and develop your skills.

How are the job opportunities?

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In the future, there will be an even greater need for skilled entrepreneurial types who are passionate about creating their own business and new jobs. To be successful, it requires that you have a good, competitive idea and a clear goal. And the right financial, personal and professional resources.

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