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Jungle Freaks is a collection of 100% HAND DRAWN FREAKS by legendary Hustler Mag Cartoonist George Trosley. These 10,000 Freaks live and breathe on the Ethereum blockchain. The year is 2077, humanity is gone and the zombies have overrun the cities and seized a lot of the military stockpiles. However, they didn’t count on the genetically enhanced ferocity and cunning traits of the gorilla regime. The Gorilla oasis stronghold is under attack but they will never surrender

This is how the artist TROSLEY tells the story of himself. And what a story. I have been following JUNGLE FREAKS journey right from the beginning (Disclaimer, the author of this article is himself the owner of a JUNGLE FREAKS, so I will not rule out the article might be a bit coloured).

I would also highly recommend that you go in and follow them on twitter

The Artist

George Trosley has been a Hustler Magazine cartoonist for over 30+ years. His work speaks for itself with its sharp, unique and in your face attitude in his pieces. Expect the same with this project.

Every single Freak and trait you see has been 100% hand-drawn in Trosley’s studio (with no assistance from AI or computers). Once sketched, the trait is inked and then coloured with markers, coloured pencils, etc. The physical pieces are then scanned, white space removed and positioned for your viewing pleasure.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
Web3 guru, and enjoys sugary liquorice.
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