Is there a place for photography and Fine Art in the NFT scene? An interview with Linda Kristiansen

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The quick response from us here at Metaverse News is a resounding yes! There is potential for more than basic animations of monkeys and cats; there is room for higher art, but the issue is whether the moment has come. Personally, I believe that the NFT craze will fade since when you look at the NFT “art” that is available, I believe that 98 per cent of it would fail the basic school visual arts class. What I believe will happen is that there will be a bear market, and then the larger players will take over, and we will see many more fine art photographers on this market in the future. We were really fortunate here at metaverse news to speak with the exceptionally gifted Norwegian artist Linda Kristiansen.

You’ve been creating conceptual images since about 2014, but how long have you been in the NFT world and what got you into it?

I got into NFTs in March in 2021. I had been scrolling past an article on the topic several times, and finally opened it to see what it was all about. Did not understand a thing about it…  but it didn’t really leave my mind, so after a short time I decided to put in some effort and learn as much as I could. I think I spent about 2 weeks doing the research before I entered the space to try it out.

Was it NTFs that got your eyes open for crypto or did you know crypto before?

I knew very little about crypto before. As I wanted to learn about NFTs I started with learning about crypto and blockchain technology first. With such a vast concept I feel it important to at least have a basic understanding of the underlying workings of it all.

How do you experience being a woman in an otherwise very male-dominated crypto world?

I was very fortunate to become part of a community of women very early in my NFT journey. We support and help each other and connect on almost a daily basis through chats and discord. I don’t think I would have lasted even half this long if it weren’t for these women. 

There is no doubt this is a male-dominated space and statistics show that female artists only counts for a very little percentage of sales, like 5% or so. It is seriously depressing, and also not very different from the traditional art world I think.  However, I believe women might have more opportunities to make it here, and moving forward – hopefully –  we will be able to level out some of this huge unbalance. An unbalance that in itself is just mindboggling in 2021. 

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What sets you apart from the other photographer NFT’s artists out there?

That is a hard question to answer. Because we are all different, have different stories and bring different values to the table. 

What I can say is that since getting into NFTs I am selling my limited edition prints as before, exhibiting and still building my presence in the traditional art world as well. 

Although I am very focused on NFTs right now they are for me an added opportunity and I do not consider myself an “NFT-artist”. I am an artist also offering my work as NFTs

I believe this to translate into staying power and that the value of my NFTs will only continue to grow with time in correlation to my IRL art career.

As for my art itself, I will say that it is all very personal to me. Most of my work is composited and/or mixed with digital paint as well. I am very into symbolism and love layering both with actual elements from i.e my surroundings and with meaning to be found if one lets the mind wander. Intent and authenticity are very important to me. I consider my art to be my personal imprint that I’m putting out there and it has to feel right.

We appreciate Linda’s time and wish her the best.

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