Interview with artist CryptoGatsu, about the new NFT project: Hardcore Hatz

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Hardcore Hatz is a collection of 50 Hatz that are extremely hardcore. Hodlers of Hardcore Hatz is eligible to get a 3D model of the hatz they hold. They must also be delisted! Hardcore Hatz is meant to be scarce. The 3D models can be used in the metaverse, and you can put your Hatz on your other NFTs! Hardcore Hatz was created by CryptoGatsu, the same artist behind the Bored Germ Society. That being his genesis project, holding 2 Bored Germs and having them unlisted makes you eligible to get airdrops of all future artwork by Crypto Gatsu. That Includes the Hardcore Hatz!

We have asked the artist some questions because we want to help our readers understand who is behind the works of art.

What’s this project about, and how is it unique?

Hardcore Hatz is about being apart from the rest and supporting the artist. Holding Hardcore Hatz allows you to be eligible for future artwork from Crypto Gatsu, and you’ll get a 3D model of the hat you hold. We’re 100% Hand drawn 50% of proceeds go to brain tumour research.

What benefits do NFTs give you as an artist?

NFTs allow me to express my ever-growing creativity freely. They have changed my life. Those around me live and are slowly bringing me to financial freedom.

Where does your inspiration come from?

My inspiration comes from my son, nature, my daily life. Every second I’m thinking of what I can draw next, what I can create next.

You can find their OpenSea right here.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
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