In the year 2050

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This leader is a slightly untraditional one of a kind because, in this, we have tried to imagine what the future will look like when reality, the internet and the metaverse slide together. What will an utterly typical day look like? Or, for that matter, what will a New Year’s party in 2050 look like? So look down into the crystal ball and let yourself be enchanted by the possibilities that the metaverse holds.

It’s the first of January in the year 2050, and you open your eyes after a wild celebration of the New Year. It was something of a party, and you got just a cocktail too much, but it’s only New Year once a year. So it should have one on the hat. You have a hangover (who doesn’t have this on January 1st?) So you want to be lazy. Yes, maybe you should go to the beach? You have heard that Planet Hikun on the server U8I8 has some oily beaches where the water is 28 degrees all the time, or water is so much said because it is not water. Champagne, instead of H2O, all liquid on the island system has been replaced with a slightly effervescent Champagne from the top shelf. Yes, that sounds like a great way to start a day because yesterday was a bit of a tough day.


The party started at 1700 with drinks on the island of Aitutaki, which is part of the Cook Islands. It was cosy, and you swam around a bit with some excellent crosses of turtles and Neon fish. You were dressed like a Penguin. You think that was a funny thought when you think of the traditional dress code. Did you catch that joke dear reader?

So at 1800, it was time for the main dinner. It was served at the top of Mount Everest, but with the dispute that there was now the high sun and about 25 degrees at the top. Mount Everest is just a great place to sit and eat. Afterwards, it was time for the party itself, so, was held in a nightclub on Sardine in the Mediterranean, and what a party it was. Elvis Presley had on the occasion been awakened to life again and could on the tendon fiddle around. The New Year was then kicked in with a large party of fireworks at the top of the Effie, where you stood and held your girlfriend’s hand. You were still wearing your penguin avatar; her avatar was a mini version of the iron giant. It might have looked a little funny. But that does not mean shit. You are young and free and have billions of worlds and planets you can visit.

It was then a “normal” New Year’s Eve. Anything is possible, and all this you experienced without leaving your trailer park at any point.

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Posted by Alex Vartmann
Web3 guru, and enjoys sugary liquorice.