In February, a new NFT platform for selected art will go live

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It is expected that on February 3rd, Culture Vault, a brand-new, artist-friendly creative firm, would launch its Web3 platform. “The Future is Phygital” exhibition will be held in Sydney in addition to the highly anticipated Web3 debut by Culture Vault.

The Culture Vault is a one-stop-shop for crypto-natives and first-time NFT customers alike. Because the agency collaborates with artists to produce, mint, and sell exceptional NFTs, it stands out from the others. Besides curating and selling digital collections, Culture Vault facilitates the full crypto journey for artists. Exclusive NFT collections are also being developed in collaboration with culturally significant brands.
Its roster includes the Richard Bernstein Estate; Reko Rennie; Adam Briggs; Romance Was Born; Sebastian Leon; Bianca Beer; Stephen Ormandy; Mona Chalabi; Dan Hong; and The Huxleys. The curatorial direction is being set by Arts-Matter, an Australian arts and cultural programming platform.

Anything unique about Culture Vault?
CEO and Co-Founder of Culture Vault, Michelle Grey said: “The buzz around NFTs is undeniable.” A growing number of musicians and brands have recently expressed an interest in joining the blockchain revolution. To date, it can be frustrating and complicated to find high-quality digital art while navigating crypto-technology.”

Welcome to Culture Vault, a website designed to bring together the traditional art world with the crypto-community. It’s our opinion that Culture Vault is the only platform that combines art-world knowledge and accessibility with a strong understanding of crypto technology and the D-gen community.”

When it comes to Culture Vault’s NFTs, the company’s Creative Director and Co-Founder Susan Armstrong says that “many of our artists—who hail from Sydney, New York, Los Angeles, Paris… Japan… and Africa—are giving both physical and experiential assets in combination with their digital work.”

Many NFTs include prints, paintings, sculptures and stickers as part of the package. Other NFTs offer customers custom-commissioned art, 3D print files and real sculptures. To inspire mainstream collectors to venture into the digital arena, it is necessary for them to embrace the “phygital.”

Phygital technology is the future.
The Future is Phygital, the agency’s first physical exhibition in Sydney, will feature 12 established artists’ NFTs. NFT aficionados will be able to engage with digital artwork exhibited on framed digital screens. NFTs are also available for purchase at the event.

While the art NFT boom continues, Culture Vault’s launch arrives at the right time. A third of online sales in 2021, or two percent of the art market, will be made through NFTs, which are valued $2.7 billion. It’s safe to conclude that in the years 2022 and 2023, an increasing number of artists will realize the advantages of working in the NFT area.

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