In 2022, half of the Millennial millionaires surveyed plan to buy even more bitcoin and ethereum, according to a new report.

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More than half of millennial millionaires say they want to buy more cryptocurrency next year, despite recent price dips, according to CNBC’s study of wealthy millennials in the United States.

As many as 83% of millennial millionaires have invested in digital currency. In the following year, around half of them aim to increase their cryptocurrency holdings by investing more money. Only 6% of those polled claimed they would cut back on their spending. Spectrem Group’s George Walper, head of the market research and consulting group that conducted the study with CNBC, claimed that “there is a substantial discrepancy between various generations of wealth.”

At least 53% of the millionaires in the millennial generation own cryptocurrency, and over a third of them have invested at least 75% of their fortune in bitcoin, ethereum, and other cryptocurrencies, according to CNBC. Only 4% of baby boomer billionaires possess crypto, compared to 25% of Generation X millionaires, according to a poll of investors with investible assets of more than $1 million, excluding principal homes.

New wealth management organizations face a new challenge because of the generational difference between young crypto investors and older generations of billionaires who are still predominantly tied to legacy finance, according to a recent poll.

These figures contrast starkly with the millionaires of previous generations.

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