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One rainy afternoon, my brother and I walked the streets of Copenhagen. 

Rainwear and an umbrella were essential companions on this dreary and dismal day, which was typical Danish fall weather. My brother, who has been lost in a deep NFT rabbit hole since the birth of the first Cryptopunks, came to a halt in front of an empty room overlooking the “street,” Copenhagen’s most renowned retail street, and said:

“Imagine… this place is perfect for opening an NFT gallery, and it will be the first in the world!”

We went on and sat down at a coffee shop, and he eagerly told us about his plans for the upcoming gallery: 

“There were to be flattened on all the walls, and they were to show the works of art, and there was to be a stream where you could follow the blockchain. And yes, of course also provided good coffee”, he said while taking a sip of the barista coffee.

This was in the autumn of 2020, and unfortunately, his gallery hasn’t turned into anything yet, but I’m convinced it’s just a matter of time.

But if you travel across the ocean and to the American city of Chicago, you will see my brother’s vision of a gallery in real life. In the heart of the dusty American town, you will find the gallery import, Chicago’s First Physical NFT Gallery.

We want people to come in here and then leave feeling like they know the artist, know the piece, and that they’ve had an experience with it—rather than just see a piece on a wall.

Chase McCaskill co-owner

They have their “Born in Chicago” exhibition, and I have just been on a guided tour, which of course, takes place in the Metaverse where the whole gallery has a digital copy within Cryptovoxels, an Ethereum-driven virtual world.

It was a fantastic experience. Each NFT piece is depicted on a large screen giving the artwork, animated, an opportunity to shine. Exhibitors are are Sinclair with jittery, single-line compositions and ProbCause Chicago street boy exhibiting his creature-Esque amalgamation of iconic city sights.

I would recommend all our readers to take a guided tour of this magical gallery. And if you are swimming in cash, you can bid on one of the works, but I think you have to have a lot of Ether lying around.

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