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At Metaverse News, we have created a new section where we will cover everything that moves in the GameFi universe, and I would like to start by covering one that I personally like: alluvium

So what is lluvium?

lluvium is a blockchain-based game that runs on the Ethereum network. It has a role-playing game feel to it, allowing gamers to play their favourite characters. Open-world experiences with various possibilities to battle, find, gather, and perform a variety of other things are common in these types of games.

For motivating participants, blockchain games frequently use NFT ideas. It’s no different with Illuvium. The game includes an auto-battler concept, allowing players to pick their warriors and have them fight for them automatically.

In this game, players compete and explore an alien world populated by more than 100 Illuvians. Each one has its own set of traits that the player may improve.

Illuvium is an RPG (Role Playing Game) that establishes the game’s primary design philosophy. In these games, each player may design and find their own route while also customizing and enhancing their characters’ stats.

In RPG adventure games, discovery is a fascinating quest. In Illuvium, you may explore the planet as well as engage in combat with other players. It implies that the game provides several options for entertainment and enjoyment of the surroundings.

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Illuvium Token

ILV is the Illuvium game’s native token. It’s an Ethereum-based ERC-20 token with three core game functions: governance, liquidity mining, and vault distribution.

In addition, players can stake ILV to acquire extra ILV or sILV tokens. The sILV token is used to make purchases in the game, according to the official website. You can use sILV to buy travel energy and shard curing, for example. The ILV token is used to determine the value of sILV. The fact that sILV cannot be utilized in player-to-player transactions such as purchasing or selling NFTs is crucial.

It is something of a sharp increase

Governance of the DAO

Illuvium is a collectable NFT game that is open to the public, transparent, and managed by the community. ILV token holders are in charge of the game’s governance and all of its activities. In the governance process, there is an Illuvinati Council that is in charge of carrying out voted recommendations and maintaining the protocol.

ILV holders elect the members of the Illuvinati council. They can propose people to serve on this council, and they can also delegate their votes to their nominees.

In a 72-hour election, five people will be chosen to administer the platform. More information about the DAO mechanism may be found here.

Create the ideal team
Choose your starting lineup. To be the best, you must take on a challenge. To place first in the tournament, outsmart and counter your opponents wisely. Play for $ILV and become a member of our community-based government.

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