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Greater art than simple animations of monkeys and kittens exists, but the question is if the moment is suitable for it: In my perspective, NFT “art” would lose its shine if it is shown that 98 per cent of it would fail a basic high school visual arts class. Following a bear market, I believe that the larger players will grab control and that the number of fine artists selling their work on the market will expand. We at Metaverse News were extremely fortunate to speak with the highly creative artist Harshit Dave, who we believe will be around for a long time. So get a cup of coffee and get to know the artist and the person a little better. Because, in our perspective, he makes art rather than just Images.

I’m curious about who you are and what motivates you?

I am a 39-year-old father of a 7year old, a family man, and a photo manipulation artist currently living in India. My art is surreal, fantasy, and dystopian representing different phases of my life in my mind. Past is dystopian, the present is surreal, and what’s to come is a fantasy. My motivation lies in the fact that I get to showcase my art on the blockchain, to people who know art, who feel the art, and who are from the same field. I’ve always believed that art is not to be compared but comprehended. Also, unlike freelance work that I’ve done before what motivates me is the fact that I am my own client and I can create what I want and not be subjected to an infinite number of changes.

How did you first become aware of NFTs?

I first became aware of NFT’s through social media – Instagram. I have an art account on Instagram @entermyimagination. I saw a story about Beeple’s $69M auction sale. I didn’t much think of it at that time but then very soon by May 2021 everyone was doing NFTs. Although I only got into the space from September 2021.

What advantages do NFTs provide you as a creative person?

Like I previously said, it gives me the platform to showcase my work with the incentive of immortalizing it on the blockchain. The biggest advantage as a digital artist, for me, has to be that people are noticing my work which otherwise was just sitting on a laptop, shown to a few friends and family. And never know who’s watching and what opportunities it might lead to.

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What will the future bring?

We are so new to the space and if you think of the opportunities that it brings in the near future, for an artist, then it in itself is a big incentive. I see a lot happening already in the NFT space and possibilities are endless. I surely am here for the long run and each day just excites me more. Like we say in the community – WAGMI!

OS: http://opensea.io/harshitdave

FND: http://foundation.app/@harshitdav

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