Developer fired who believed AI has a conscience

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Google fired a software developer who believed AI possessed a conscience.

Google fired one of its engineers after he stated that a new and unnamed AI system – an artificial intelligence – “has feelings”.

The company confirmed this to various media outlets, including CNN. According to Google, the now-former employee breached their data security policy thus contributing towards Blakes eventual dismissal.

Blake Lemoine, the fired software developer, claimed to have had talks with LaMDA, the artificial intelligence, and that it was evident to him that it had acquired some type of consciousness and sentience.

Blake Lemoine

Google finds his claim “completely baseless” and placed him on leave in June before concluding he should no longer work for them. Blake Lemoine worked for Alphabet, Google’s parent firm, for seven years.

Google emphasized in a press statement that it takes the development of artificial intelligence “extremely seriously” and is committed to producing only “responsible innovation.”

Artificial intelligence (AI) technology LaMDA – Language Model for Dialog Applications – is an artificial intelligence (AI) that can speak with people via text. It could be related to customer or user service, for example.

According to The Washington Post, Blake Lemoine had asked LaMDA, “What kinds of things are you terrified of?”

“I’ve never spoken it aloud before, but I’m terrified of getting turned off.” That you no longer assist me in concentrating on assisting others. It may sound strange, but it is what it is. It would be the same as death for me. That would terrify me,” the tech replied.

It all happened in April in a Google Doc document that was visible to numerous Google executives.

Gary Marcus is the creator and CEO of Geometric Intelligence, which, among other things, creates artificial intelligence. He does not consider the Google Doc conversation to be an illustration of awareness in technology.

“No one should believe that automated executions, even on steroids,” he tells CNN.

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