Global re:water. Crypto World War

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Finance is divided. Many projects provide their own tokens, which are often useless. Thousands of token names are exchanged, and hence have their own passionate fan base. Yes, the supporters. “Gamblers” who “hope”. This market is a cross between a stock exchange and professional sports.

It’s a game. Even if someone vehemently disputes it.

Everything new is treated as a game by the human community. We all do science, education, and business. So we’ve created a serious, grownup environment for the future generation. We would not have crossed the seas, gone into space, or found materials for green garment manufacture if we had not been curious and gamblers.

Cryptocurrency traders are proud to be the new generation of serious global economies. In reality, the crypto community is more likely to “portray the economy” – a game that will ultimately grow serious. Everyday gets more serious.

Crypto is a massive multiplayer distributed “game” from which a significant business is emerging to replace the old outdated and unjust economy.

re:water is the ultimate “game” accelerator. The re:water system’s token – WATER – exhibits faultless reversible liquidity.

To “possess”, “expand/grow”, “defend”, “unite”, “conflict” are all inherent in human economics and psychology.

Metaverse re:water
• A virtual planet that allows *any crypto coin to get defi features and form crypto communities to compete and even hold elections.

It is made up of three primary components:

Planet (surface)
The planet’s surface is separated by tiles. There are 516,000 NFT Tiles.

The Cloud is the system’s users’ shared Water token repository. Upon launch, the Cloud holds an astonishing 85% of WTR tokens. It is not controlled by anybody and follows a set of established rules.

1-10 days later, Rain, a natural-like mechanism, disperse water tokens among active Tiles.

Extracting liquidity
To earn passive revenue from the re:water ecosystem, customers must own one of the 516,000 Tiles, also known as land plots. Each parcel of land exposes its owner to the entire Rain of Water that falls on the tiles during a rain. To enhance a Tile’s yield, the owner must increase its Gravity by raising the Tile’s liquidity.

To do so, landowners must stake Water or digital assets issued on one of the several current blockchains. The higher the stake in the Tile, the more Gravity it has and the more Water it attracts during rain. Water falling on a Tile during a rainstorm increases its Gravity and ability to attract more water.

The Tile has huge APYs, but be careful that all assets on the World map are visible to the public and so their ownership may be contested. Conflict auctions are required in the re:water ecosystem.

Waging war
Land plots in the re:water ecosystem are scarce. They are also the only source of water mining. To claim one, use a cheap dollar during the Colonization phase. The property parcels will soon be fully occupied, and none will be available for direct purchase. The battle for liquidity begins here.

The Water token is vital in gaining access to someone else’s territory. A user must start a conflict auction bidding in water to attack. The Tile’s owner will then submerge the defending bid within 12 hours. The last survivor wins.

If an assault on a Tile succeeds, the attacker gains ownership of the Tile and all staked liquidity. Thus, all landowners in the re:water ecosystem must carefully maintain their land or risk losing their property and all invested funds. The more water in one’s wallet, the more protected one is. During the war, the Tile’s water cannot be used.

Water is required to conduct a conflict auction. This increases demand for WTR, as it is a key resource in all conflict resolutions.

And all conflict water will be recycled into the Cloud. This is true for both attacking and defensive teams. So, after resolving a problem, water will be accessible for everyone to gather after the following downpour, mimicking the natural water cycle.

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